Dear Valuable Customers,


Sometimes, we received many enquiries from our customers for other products outside our SAINOA's Product Catalogue, when our cutomers are in great need of honest advice and asisstance on the the Products that our customers are at loss in sourcing the most reliable manufacturers providing the right quality. As always, we never declined our customers's request for help, although it will take some efforts in sourcing the right suppliers and right quality, but every time, we are very happy that we can be of any help to our cutomers in other fileld. Considering this, we have formed a special team help source the products that is outside of our catalogue for our valuable customers.


Thus, we would like to share some our points of view showing how important it is for you to have a reliable sourcing agent:


China has now become the workshop of world industry. An abundance of cheap labour and hitech factories assures that this position will

 be retained for many years to come.




It is no surprise that many western countries have turned their attention to China in their procurement pursuit.





Without specialized knowledge and local "on the ground" assistance, doing business with China can be fraught with problems.


 Sourcing agent in China seeks to take the pain and headache out of all your trading with China.From the day of your initial enquiry

 until your goods depart China we are at your beck and call.Our team of dedicated professionals with many years of trading 

experience between Chinese manufacturers and overseas customers can guarantee that your business experience will be t

rouble free.We cover all the problem areas such as communications, negotiations, translator services, payment security, 

factory evaluations, quality assurance (inspection and control) etc...Sourcing agent in China aims to offer our customers a professional 

service and help resolve the above mentioned problem areas.

We supply one stop outsourcing service that will give you peace of mind, and, at an affordable cost.



e have been working in the field of China sourcing for over 10 years. During this period we have gained a broad experience of a wide 


range of China suppliers. We are of course familiar with China culture this being a very important aspect of doing business in China.

 We fully research your potential suppliers to ensure they are capable of manufacturing to your standards and market codes.

We provide Sourcing Service to our foreign customers and China suppliers to enable them to overcome the challenges at each step 

of sourcing and outsourcing by:

Product sourcing customers within 24 - 48 hours at working days.

Our Sourcing Services assists businesses of all sizes to take advantage of direct sourcing from China. With our services we enable you

 to compete business on a global basis. Buyer's and wholesalers around the world who purchase in China have a wide variety of suppliers to choose from. There is a much better

 chance of getting the products they want, at the highest quality, and at the reasonable prices.

Our priority is to provide our customs the best suppler that will be capable of manufacturing your product. Offering a sourcing advantage 

by providing prompt responses, accurate product information, dependable quality assurance and timely and efficient delivery.

Low Cost Sourcing

In this day and age consumer is ready to pay a much higher value if quality is maintained. It ensures that you stand out amongst your 

competition and have a strong trust built into your brand.

We believe strongly in the same and works towards maintaining the specified quality in your products to ensure a long term relationship 

for both between you and your customers and also between you and us.

Supplier Management

Instead of you handling the challenging task of managing them from a distance. Our sourcing services manages these relationships

 for you to help you maintain meaningful business partnerships in China.

We have well established relationsihps with qualified manufacturers of various goods for prompt and efficient sourcing of products.


Our Feature

· Smart sourcing capability through our experiences

· Personal and expert attention from our professions

· Transparency between you and your China suppliers

· Consolidations of orders and shipments.

· One stop for all of your China sourcing requirements.

· Customized services including project management, joint ventures and business consulting

Benefets to you

· Risk reduction – can reduce the risk of working with suppliers from China.

· Quality checking – can perform a quality checking before goods leaving the factory.

· Better payment arrangement – 

can avoid nonperformance of sales contract after payment, and also can avoid other safer payment arrangement 

e.g. L/C which costs much bank  charges and complicated document works.

· More centralized communication – do not need to communicate with plenty of “windows” and resources and time can be used in a more centralized way

· Saving of business trip cost – do not require to spend resources on participation of trade exhibitions

· (we can meet with the suppliers anytime since we have “location advantages”) and it can benefit your customers directly 

and increase the price competitiveness


We are hear ready all the time for your futher enquiries and instructions for the prodcuts outside our catalogue, we will be sharing your

deep concerns about the sourcing in China. You will have no worries, after you just tell us what exactly you need.


                                                                                                                                                                            Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                                                                                            Int'l Department

                                                                                                                                                                            SAINOA GROUP

                                                                                                                                                                             April 11, 2013